FileInfo Class

Use the FileInfo class for typical operations such as copying, moving, renaming, creating, opening, deleting, and appending to files

Many of the FileInfo methods return other I/O types when you create or open files. You can use these other types to further manipulate a file. For more information, see specific FileInfo members such as Open, OpenRead, OpenText, CreateText, or Create.

Sample Code

Class FileManagement
Private m_pFile As IO.FileInfo
Private m_sTempFile As String = "C:\Test.Txt"

Public Sub SampleCreateFile()
m_pFile = New IO.FileInfo(m_sTempFile)

' Check exist file name
If Not m_pFile.Exists Then
Dim objStream As IO.StreamWriter = m_pFile.CreateText()

objStream.WriteLine("Welcome to My Blog")
objStream.WriteLine("Thank you")

End If

End Sub

Public Sub SampleReadFile()
m_pFile = New IO.FileInfo(m_sTempFile)

If m_pFile.Exists Then
'Read Text
Dim objStream As IO.StreamReader = m_pFile.OpenText()

' Peek returns the next aviable charactor
While objStream.Peek() >= 0
End While

End If
End Sub

Public Sub SampleFileInfomation()

' Use class file to get file attributes

' Get Time

' Set Time a
IO.File.SetCreationTime(m_sTempFile, DateTime.Now)
IO.File.SetLastAccessTime(m_sTempFile, DateTime.Now)
IO.File.SetLastWriteTime(m_sTempFile, DateTime.Now)

End Sub

Public Sub SampleOther()
m_pFile = New IO.FileInfo(m_sTempFile)

' Copy File
m_pFile.CopyTo("C:\test2.txt", True)

' Move File

' Delete
m_pFile = New IO.FileInfo("C:\test2.txt")
End Sub
End Class


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