Send Email By SMTP

Imports System.Net.Mail

Sub SendEmail()

Dim client As New SmtpClient()
Dim sendTo As New MailAddress("sendToAccount@gmail.com")
Dim from As MailAddress = New MailAddress("from@address.com")
message As New MailMessage(from,sendTo)

message.IsBodyHtml = True
message.Subject = "Test SMTP"
message.Body = "Got it!!"

' Use the same account in app.config to authenticate.
Dim basicAuthenticationInfo As New System.Net.NetworkCredential("yourAccount@xxx.com", "YourPassword")

client.Host = "smtp.xxx.com"
client.UseDefaultCredentials = False

client.Credentials = basicAuthenticationInfo

'' For smtp config
'' google use EnableSsl=True and Port = 587

client.EnableSsl = False
client.Port = 25



Catch ex As Exception

Console.WriteLine("SEND FAIL")

End Try

End Sub


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